Electronic Equipment Insurance

This insurance policy covers all risks and damages to different types of electronic equipment, which are used in industrial workshops, industries, medical and laboratory equipment, office equipment, alarm systems, hospital equipment, control equipment, equipment related to cinema and filming, materials testing equipment, computerized receiving and sending equipment, and so on. Many factors such as risks due to cleaning the devices, inspection during work, electricity fluctuations, theft, fall, displacement, fire, earthquake, storm and flood that may threaten this type of equipment, are all covered under this insurance policy. This insurance policy includes the following parts:

  • Part 1: Hardware

  • Part 2: Software

  • Part 3: Additional expenses

All of the above insurance policies are issued based on insurance principles and regulations and have their own appropriate franchise. Each of the insurance policies has their own special exceptions and conditions and it is possible to obtain additional insurance policy for some exceptional cases by payment of additional insurance premium at the time of issuance of insurance policy.
In addition to compensating for damages, the insurance industry helps the country’s economy by providing immunity recommendations through inspection of insurance experts in order to prevent damage or minimize the damages.
The Bushehr atomic power plant, the giant Sugarcane development project and its affiliated industries, Karkheh dam, Karoon 1 and Karoon 3 dams and hundreds of other projects such as the telecommunications Milad Tower in Tehran, are among the giant financial projects that have been insured by Bimeh Iran (Iran Insurance Co.) based on All Risks Engineering Insurance.

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