About this insurance complex

Due to the importance of insurance covers for international companies, we joined three professional insurance companies and intermediary to offer the best and fastest insurance and reinsurance services from most reliable companies in the World by more than 210 Million dollars portfolio. Our offer includes the intermediary services as well as the management of the placement and the eventual claims affecting the covers.


This complex is a joint-venture of the companies here below described:


1- Etemad Gostar Hakim company

This company is top ranked insurance agency companies of BIMEH IRAN insurance Co.(It takes gift from president of Bimeh Iran Co. For years 1390 to 1393 as the most active and professional insurance agency company of Bimeh Iran ) registered in Iran under Reg. no. 37082.

It was founded with financial support of the Islamic Republic of Iran as the only national insurance company.

Provide cover for IDI (Inherent Defects Insurance), CAR (Contractors All Risk), PL(Public Liability) , Aircrafts and ... in Iran.

2-R.I.B. Reinsurance International Broker SpA (Insurance & re-insurance intermediary registered in Italy)


This company is one of Italy’s leading insurance and reinsurance broking groups. The knowledge of local markets, combined with the specialist features of its programs and international network of relationships, allows RIB to offer the highest level of assistance in all insurance classes in every industry. With offices in Milan, Rome, Genoa, Zurich and London, the RIB Group can ensure excellence in services to clients ranging from large multifunctional companies to leading financial institutions, public administrations and private organizations.


RIB has operated in the Engineering and Energy sectors since its foundation becoming, by virtue of its team’s expertise and competence, an indisputable Italian market leader able to deal with any problem, which may arise when carrying out a project.


RIB provides its services to both insurance and construction companies for all types of cover including but not limited to: Construction/Erection All Risks, Advance Loss of Profit/Delay in Start-up, Inherent Defects Insurance, Professional Indemnity, Oil & Gas onshore and offshore, Liquidated Damages, etc.

In recent years, the RIB Group has taken part in the development of a number of significant re-insurance programs in Italy and abroad as reported in its website (www.ribgroup.com)


3- Bimeh Markazi Iran intermediary (Central insurance of Iran brokerage, www.kbim.ir)


This brokerage is established to represent the insured to find the best insurer and following claim from all of the Iranian insurance companies.

We have the duty to analyze a business and secure correct and adequate coverage for the business. This is a higher duty than the pure administrative duty of the agents.



Manager of complex

Mehdi Hakimi





Tehran office: No 131 ,Homa 1 building, Navvab St, Tehran, Iran

Tel: +98 21 66 3 66 861

Skype: bimehhakimi

Fax : +98 21 89 78 20 71

MP: +98 912 413 8231

Mashhad office : No 113 , Between Honarestan 15,17

Tel : +98 51 3866 5866

 Fax : +98 51 386 80 198

Milan office:Corso di PortaRomana, 122 – 20122 Milan, Italy

Phone : +39 02 58471.1

Fax : +39 02 58471247


Zurich Office:Dreikonigstrasse , 31A8002 Zurich, Switzerland

Phone: +41 44 208 3820

Fax: +41 44 208 3500


London office: 24, Lime streetEC3M 7HS, London, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 207 283 5500

Fax : +44 207 927 1836