Bimeh Iran (Iran Insurance ) company's Vessels and Aviation Insurance Coverage

Iran insurance Co. has always been active as a protector of civil air industry by providing adequate air insurance coverage. This company uses technical experiences, logical policies and capabilities and specializations of its experts to provide the insurance requirements of the policyholders by dividing air risks among the international insurance and reinsurance markets and in this way it manages to provide the necessary financial security assurance for its policyholders.


1) Aircraft policy

· Aircraft Policy

· Aviation policies

. Aviation War, Hi-Jacking and Other Perils

· Aircraft policy section legal liability to passengers

· Aviation Hull and Liability Insurance Policy


2) Vessel and oil tanker insurance

· Different types of Vessel insurance

· Marine Hull And Machinery insurance H&M for vessels

. Protection and Indemnity P&I for vessels

. Risks and Marine Insurance of Oil Tanker Iran

. Passenger Vessel Liability Insurance

. A brief introduction to marine hull and machinery insurance.

Diffrence between vessel policies