Engineering Insurance in Iran

Engineering insurance in IranEngineering insurance is a form of insurance designed to cater and offer protection to owners or operators of construction sites whose properties, plant & machinery may get affected due to sudden, unforeseen & accidential losses upon the occurrence of any insurable peril and/or by causes of sudden and accidential breakdowns not brought about by wear & tear.

This type of business insurance provides very broad cover for damage to electrical and mechanical machinery and can include engineering inspection, a statutory requirement for certain items of plant, this may also be referred to as Machinery Breakdown or Plant All Risks and will cover buildings , contracts ,...

Iran Insurance Co. (Bimeh Iran) through issuing different types of insurance policies in the field of All-risk Engineering Specialties proceeds to cover physical ...



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· About Engineering insurance

· Electronic Equipment Insurance E.E.

· Deterioration of Stock in Cold Storage Insurance D.S.C.S.

· Machinery Breakdown Insurance M.B.

· Boiler and Pressure vessel insurance

· Contractors All Risks insurance C.A.R.

· Erection All Risks Insurance E.A.R.

· Civil Engineering Completed Risks C.E.C.R.

· Contractor’s Plant and Machinery insurance C.P.M.

· Documents required for issuing policy

. Computer insurance

. Oil and gas insurance

. Construction Insurance

. Drilling Rig Insurance



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