Computer Insurance Plan

Bimeh Iran (Iran Insurance Co.) presents computer insurance policy to cover all physical damages to computer due to fire, explosion, flood, storm, earthquake, landslide, falling or crashing of an external object, penetration of liquids into the parts during shipment and displacement at the place of insurance, electricity fluctuations, theft and robbery, up to total value of computer. Computer owners may refer to any of the branches and representations of Iran Insurance Co. throughout the country, present their purchasing invoice, and pay 1% of the computer value to insure it for one year with the company.
Persons who have a number of computers may benefit from discount on insurance premium as follows: 10% for every 50 computers; 15% for 51 to 100 computers and 20% for 101 and more. For companies, banks, and offices, all computers may be insured in group through one insurance policy.

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