Oil tanker vessel tanker insurance IranCargo Insurance for Iran

Iran Insurance Co. (Bimeh Iran) renders different standard Marine Cargo policies to provide covers according to latest insurance world clauses for local and international transportation of goods such as All-risks cargo .

In case the liability insurance of the forwarding authorities is not sufficient or in case the shipping company is not recognized as the defaulting party? The cargo insurance (cargo transportation insurance) is a policy that one party, commits that in case during the cargo shipment from one place to another, the goods are destroyed or they receive the damages that covered by an insurance policy, as a result of the perils subject of the policy, the former will compensate the losses.


Why Cargo Insurance?

Iran Insurance Company, by presenting cargo insurances, tries to secure your capital against probable and unpredictable risks. Our goal is to provide quicker and more desirable services for our customers. Iran Insurance Company’s cargo insurance covers all risks pertaining to transportation of goods from/to different locations whether via sea, land, air or through a combination of them. They may be in Iran , From Iran or to Iran.
Bime iran is ready to issue term and conditions same as standard London terms and conditions with competitive premium.


Different types of Cargo Insurances Policies in Iran

We can classify cargo insurance policies, based on different criteria, which include: mode of shipment, origin and destination, and policy terms and conditions. However, cargo insurance is usually known to include international (import, export and transit) and domestic policies in normal and so sanctions time.

We are issuing all kinds of standard cargo policies such as all risk ( Clause A) , Clause B , Clause C and complement clauses such as War and SRCC .