Contractors All Risks Insurance

Engineering Contractors All-Risks InsuranceThis insurance policy covers physical and unpredictable losses in civil projects, infrastructure and constructional operations of different types of structures, such as residential buildings, office buildings, towers, factories, silos, roads, airports, dams, irrigation canal and drainage projects, tunnels, bridges, sewage system, water reservoirs and the likes. Many factors such as fire, thunderbolt, explosion, flood, water overflow, storms, earthquakes, subsidence, landslide, theft, improper design, bad workmanship, lack of skill, negligence, acts of bad intention or mistakes of persons lead to damages of structures, which will risk the health and welfare of society, too.
In addition to the above coverage, building damages, physical and financial damages against third parties, and moving waters are also insurable. After handing over to the principal, the guarantee or maintenance periods are also covered for the purpose of fulfilling contractual obligations.

This company can cover all projects in Iranian geographical position for All risks and other policies .



Mainly, the coverage is offered in the following two sectors-

    Section 1: Material Damage= It covers losses or damages or destruction of the property.
    Section 2: Third-Party Liability= It covers the legal liability falling on the insured contractor due to losses or damages suffered by a third-party.

Who needs contractor’s all risks insurance?

Contractor’s all risks insurance is generally taken out by anyone who works on a construction site in Iran and Middle east countries, including:


·         General building contractors

·         Electrical contractors

·         Plumbers contractors

·         Plasterers

·         Tilers

·         Carpenters and Joiners

·         Bricklayers

·         Double glazing installers

·         Heating engineers

·         Air conditioning engineers ...

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Date : 2019/01/10