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Global reinsurance companies will continue to share risks

Iran’s central insurance agency, known as Bimeh Markazi, said global reinsurance companies will continue to share risks that could befall major Iranian businesses and industries despite sanctions imposed by the United States.

“We will continue cooperating with foreign companies while those reinsurers that have no ties to Americans are cooperating with Iranian (insurance) companies,” said Bimeh Markazi’s chief Gholamreza Soleimani on Thursday.

Soleimani told ILNA that reinsurance rates considered for industrial losses in Iran, including those related to the massive oil and gas industry, are akin to rates introduced in regional and international markets.

He said some major claims for risk coverage in the Iranian reinsurance sector were between $100 million to $1 billion.

The official did not elaborate but said that an Iranian reinsurance group, which he said was comprised of major insurance companies, had underwritten and administered major risks related to airlines, shipping companies and oil refineries.

“Reinsurers are active in Iran as it is the case for all insurance companies at the global level,” he said. “Iranian reinsurance deals are administered and applied through the same global standard.”

Soleimani said Iran had remained a major contributor to the Asian Reinsurance Corporation for the past years in a bid to create further protection for major Iranian businesses.