Iran Travel Insurance? Why and How You Should Take it Before Your Visiting Iran?

Would you drive your car without insurance? Buy and inhabit a house without protection? For sure, not. So when it comes to travel, why would you risk going abroad without good coverage? Better be safe than sorry!  Travel insurances protect travelers from health issues, accidents, and often lost and stolen goods.

Furthermore, to enter some countries, having travel insurance is mandatory, as it's the case for Iran. Indeed, it's one of the requirement to get a visa to travel to Iran.

Relying on the credit card's insurance

Often, Visa and Mastercards cardholders are already protected for any health problem abroad, repatriation, and sometimes lost luggage. Yet, this type of insurance has limitations: first, planes tickets must have been bought with the card, and secondly, it's often limited to three months coverage a year. Moreover, visitors who choose to use this type of insurance for their trip to Iran must note that the printed notice must explicitly mention Iran and not just the Middle East or Asia.

Why subscribing travel insurance?

To travel with a light spirit, many travelers opt for a specific travel insurance when coming to Iran. The main purpose of this coverage is to face unexpected medical issues, from a simple consultation at the doctor to an emergency at the hospital. Doctors and hospitals in Iran have a good standard, yet, it's an extra cost which is not trivial, and for the most serious injuries, it's often in the interest of travelers to choose the repatriation offered by the insurance.

Finding out the right type of insurance

It exists a various range of insurance, according to the needs, profiles, and budget of each traveler. Young backpackers, families, seniors: each tourist has its own style of traveling, and thus, different expectations regarding the cost and the coverage of insurances. Some would require the loss of personal belongings to be covered, others would look for assistance in case of flight cancellations and delays, etc.

To find out the most appropriated coverage, TasteIran (Iran tours and experiences), offer travelers with a large range of Iran travel insurances, specifically designed for a trip to this country. Requiring assistance to contracting insurance is not only more economical time-saving for travelers, it's also the certainty to subscribe an appropriated assurance which isn't limited due to the international sanctions which prevent some foreign companies to work in relation with Iran.