C_ Definitions

a. " ACCIDENT ": means any one accident or series of accidents arising out of one event.

b. “UNIT”: means a part or an assembly of parts (including any sub-assemblies) of the Aircraft which has been assigned an Overhaul life as a part or an assembly. Nevertheless, an engine complete with all parts normally attached when removed for the purpose of overhaul or replacement, shall together constitute a single unit.

c. “OVERHAUL LIFE” : means the amount of use, or operational and/or calendar time which, according to the Airworthiness authority. determines when overhaul or replacement of a unit is required.

d. “OVERHAUL COST” : means the costs of labour and materials which are or would be incurred in overhaul or replacement (whichever is necessary) at the end of the overhaul life of the damages or a similar unit.

e. “PRIVATE PLEASURE” : means use for private and pleasure purposes but not use for any business or profession nor for hire or reward.

f. ”BUSINESS” : means the uses stated in private pleasure and use for the purpose of the Insured’s business or profession but not use for hire or reward.

g. “COMMERCIAL” means the uses stated in private pleasure and business and use for the carriage by the insured of passengers, baggage accompanying passengers and cargo for hire or reward.

h. “RENTAL” means rental, lease, charter or hire by the insured to any person, company or organization for private pleasure and business uses only, where the operation of the Aircraft is not under the control of the insured. Rental for any other purpose in NOT insured under this policy unless specifically declared to Underwriters under SPECIAL RENTAL USES in the schedule.

I. Definitions (e), (f), (g) and (h) constitute standard uses and do not include Instruction, Acrobatics, Hunting, Patrol, Fire Fighting, the international dropping, spraying or release of anything, any form of experimental or competitive flying, and any other use involving abnormal hazard, but when cover is provided details of such use (s) are stated in the schedule under SPECIAL USES.

j. “FLIGHT” means from the time the Aircraft moves forward in taking off or attempting to take off, whilst in the air, and until the Aircraft completes its landing run.

k. “TAXYING” means movement of the Aircraft under its own power other than in flight as defined. Taxying shall not be deemed to case merely by reason of a temporary halting of the Aircraft.

l. “MOORED” MEANS, in the case of Aircraft designed to land on water, whilst the Aircraft is afloat and is not in flight or taxying as defined, and includes the risks of launching and hauling up.

m. “GROUND” means while the Aircraft is not in flight or taxiing or moored as defined.