International services:

Bimeh Iran’s international insurance services:

Bimeh Iran Insurance Company is the oldest and the most active insurance company in Iran and is well-known company in international markets; This Company has insurance and reinsurance cooperate with international insurance companies.

Some of our international insurance services :

1-     Cargo shipment Insurance support around the world without geographical limitation ( for Iranian and foreign buyers and sellers and manners ) although destination or principle wasn’t  Iran.

2-      Insurance service for foreign companies that want to be active in Iran .

3-      Service for Iranian companies abroad Iran.

4-     Cooperate with foreign insurance and reinsurance companies that want to cover their customers in Iran ( as direct insurance or co-insurance or reinsurance company.  

5-      Offer reinsurance service ( treaty and facultative) for all insurance companies.

Money transfer :

Bimeh Iran has bank account in some foreign banks abroad Iran and they may transfer premium to those banks and catch damage in those banks.