College of Applied Science of Iran Insurance Co.

    As the leading professional body and training institution was established in October 2010 by permission of University of Applied Sciences and Technology.

    The CASIIC is highly respected as the premier professional center that offers an extensive range of quality education programs and training courses cater for all levels of knowledge and experience, from new entrants to seasoned professionals. It covers the most disciplines within the insurance industry (claims, underwriting and sales) in two levels of Associate & Bachelor degree via face to face training as bellow:

  1.     Insurance Management with two specific fields of Life & Non-Life (B.A)
  2.     Insurance Law (B.A)
  3.     Insurance Marketing (B.A)
  4.     Insurance Principle (A.A)
  5.     Insurance Accounting (A.A)


    Furthermore, its technical qualifications are developed to offer a number of short training courses designed to meet industry's demand for more qualified practitioners namely:

    Life Insurance
    Master of Business Administration- Insurance (MBAI)
    Initial Inspection Techniques of Fire Insurance
    Initial Inspection Techniques of Liability Insurance
    Initial Inspection Techniques of Automobile Insurance
    Principle of Agency Management

     These courses deliver as verbal and virtual training courses and candidates would benefit from networking in the sessions by support of our IT department.

     The syllabus and content of each course is designed to produce qualified practitioners who are sensitive and responsive to the ongoing business environment changes.

     Very soon, this academic center has found its high position in all over of the Iran and enjoyed considerable success by attempts of its professional staff. The comparative advantage of CASIIC that distinguishes it from others is the comprehensive, supportive and professional perimeter that it provides to instructors & students.

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