Foreign Branches and Agencies premium portfolio amounts

The manager of International Affairs Division (IAD) 

International Affairs Division is like a company embedded in Iran Insurance Company.
Foreign Branches and Agencies premium portfolio amounts to more than Rls. 209 Billion.

Manger of International Affairs Department (IAD) said to Payam Bimeh that the role of IAD in Iran Insurance Company is dividable in two main fields, one being International Affairs abroad (Insurance Operation and Supervision) and the other, international Affairs in Iran ( Research and Operational Support). 
Iran Insurance Company after 40 years of insurance efforts and highly standard services in the country, first in year 1970 began to be active abroad through establishing the first foreign branch in UAE, and the Gulf region opening its Agency Office in Dubai city and marketplace.
As to the Insurance operation and portfolio in our Foreign agencies and branches we should say that, IAD is supervising 5 agencies in UAE (i.e. Dubai, Sharjeh, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Kheimah), 2 in the kingdom of Oman (Muscat & Salalah), and 1 in Bahrain (Manama) Aggregation of this 8 offices in the region brings about a yearly portfolio more than 52000 policies in different fields of Insurance, producing a written premium figure over Rls. 200 billion, which is quite comparable to the portfolio of some active domestic branches in Iran.Mrs. Zahedi while, insisting on the importance and complication of insurance operation in foreign countries, added that: Iran Insurance Company with a dynamic management view and complying the economic development plans of the state aims to enhance its international activities in world commercial markets. Todays econo-political circumstances in the region is proceeding in a manner that new markets in Iraq, Afghanistan, and some Middle-Asian countries are inviting our company to establish insurance Agencies and to cooperate in commercial services there. However, in such conditions what is determining is proper analysis and conscious decision-making in reacting to the international markets.

A Company embedded in Iran Insurance Company
In Foreign branches and agencies of Iran Insurance Co. all insurance operations in issuance of policies and claim settlement in different fields like Motorcars, Marine, Engineering, Liability, Fire as well as reinsurance facultative cessions or inward acceptances, etc. are carried out according to different authority levels including the Agent Manger, resident controller Regional supervisor, IAD Manger, Deputy of Managing Director in International Affairs and reinsurance, Managing Director, and the Board of Directors. It should be mentioned also that, all Foreign Agencies and branches are usually sending their requests and correspondences as well as claim file to IAD through regional office in Dubai and IAD is to investigate and control all these Monthly documents and files and respond.
Considering this facts, we can call International Affairs Division a company embedded in Iran Insurance Company, managing branches and agencies, policy issuance and claim settlement, presenting bank-guarantees, and other actions regarding branches and agencies abroad.
Duties and responsibilities of IAD
International Affairs Division is handling current duties and missions including the following: Supervision the operation of Foreign Agencies in UAE, Bahrain, Oman and settling their claim files, investigating Monthly account statements, proposing and reviewing their yearly business plans, cooperating the reinsurance covers regarding Marine and non-marine covers, approving agencies risk acceptance and surveyors appointment, settlement of agencies demands for new terms and conditions with technical management inside the company, cooperating survey to be carried out on ships and launches traveling to the Iranian ports comparing account statements of the agencies and cash transferring to their operational account through Finance Department and foreign banks, market investigations as to comparing our agencies and other insurance companies acting in a country, translating technical text, holding international seminars, collecting information regarding different insurance company, brokers, reinsures, research on international organizations and how to register their membership (like International Aviation Association), research on insurance in other countries, obtaining visa for Foreign experts visiting Iran, or for our experts traveling abroad taking part in training courses and yearly meetings, collecting information about international exhibitions, seminars and consortiums in other countries, carrying out orders and approvals of the Board of Directors in connection with international activities and Foreign agencies.
Possibility of Developing Insurance International relations
with cooperation of information management, we have now prepared everything for IAD operations to become computerized and we have advance up to the Middle of the plan. We hope to be able to receive all information and statistics by means of a exterior portal and get to an on line connection with our agencies and branches abroad. Mrs. Zahedi also mentioned the importance of international grading among insurance companies in the world an said: Many of Insurance companies and their customers insist on grading of contractor companies offered by valid worldwide institutes. This matter could be an advertising figure, however, fast and timely services in insurance business are most important especially in a small market and country like United Arab Emirates.