The largest insurance and reinsurance company in IRAN

Like all other direct insurance companies, Bimeh Iran (Iran Insurance Co.) has also some reinsurance practices in order to increase their capacity for writing and/or accepting more risks, as well as increasing the safety of its portfolio. For this purpose, the Reinsurance Department of the Company practices both Outward and Inward activities, locally as well as internationally.

We are Authorized to Write all Classes of Reinsurance Business Worldwide

In ceding practices, Bimeh Iran selects well reputed and financially high rated companies, especially in Europe. As some risks like energy risks are written in Iran by Consortium of Iranian insurance companies, Bimeh Iran has been the leader in this regard. For the Aviation reinsurance too, Bimeh Iran has enjoyed the most Iranian market share.

Bimeh Iran’s (Iran Insurance Co.’s) foreign branches and agencies, mostly located in the Persian Gulf , are also provided with Reinsurance Treaties, both for their Marine Cargo policies and their Non-Marine policies, mainly including C.A.R., E.A.R., Fire and Allied Perils and Cash (CIS, CIT, etc.).