Crystal Diamond Award of Bimeh Iran

Mr. Sahamian, Bimeh Iran’s CEO and managing director stressed insurance tariffs change, citing old tariffs as of main reasons of liberalization of the whole industry.

“Third Party insurance, as a protective insurance, must be devised in such a way that people can afford it” he said, “if premiums are too high, significant portion of people will be left uncovered.”

Mr. Sahamian, mentioning inadequate coverage as a main cause of socioeconomic problems, said that the current tariff rates and terms belong to ten years ago and do not address the prevailing insurance needs of the public.


“Revising the old prices or following the policy of liberalization” were the two options cited by the CEO to improve the industry.

“Insurers strongly need to have the means for accurate risk-assessment which would enable them to calculate and demand the right rate.

“Sahamian also said talking about the means and prerequisites of change which would bring positive results.

He also counted “improving assessment expert teams” of insurers as of necessities of liberalization, reasoning that in that case ssessment teams would have more motivation for creativity and innovation.

“The main reason why insurers currently resist liberalization is that they don’t have proper risk assessment mechanisms” he explained.