13000 Fire Claims in One Year

Iran Insurance Company's Fire Department manager has clarified that their most recent Fire claim happened in a stockroom of heavy-duty-truck spare parts in the 2nd half of 1393 (2014). He added that since the loss had been huge, in order to help and support the insured we made a down payment of 20 billion Rials to help rebuild the damaged building.
 Carrying out the due procedures, a sum of 46500 million Rials was paid to settle the claim in the 1st month of 1394. 
In addition, he explained that his department has settled 13000 Fire claims in 1393. It is worth mentioning that in many cases when stockrooms catch fire, the fire spreads to the adjoining buildings which leads to inevitable loss.
 In case of loss the owner of the stockroom should pay the claims unless he has liability coverage.