Iranian Third Party Insurance in the new law

The managing director of Bimeh Iran also, on the status of third-party insurance in the New Law, said that in the past year the maximum indemnification was USD 40,000 and in “Haram months” (no-fight, no-kill months according to Sharia) USD 53,500. However, these prices have increased this year to USD 45,000 and USD 60,000 respectively.

CEO Emphasizes Tariff Change Necessity MOU between Bimeh Iran and the University of Tehran For the purpose of knowledge enhancement among its staff, Bimeh Iran has started new series of associations with national niversities. According to the Company’s Public Relations Dept., during a meeting attended by the Chancellor of the University of Tehran and Bimeh Iran’s Managing Director, both the parties discussed areas of mutual collaborations in insurance, science as well as developing undergraduate and post graduate grades of insurance studies for enhancing the technical capabilities of insurance personnel.

“Providing further security for people will earn further public trust in the Government” said Mr Sahamian, at the MOU meeting talking about the necessity of ever improving quality of products to win public satisfaction, which is also directly related to personnel knowledge and expertise.

Meanwhile, Dr. F. Rahbar, the chancellor of the University of Tehran, expressing satisfaction with Bimeh Iran’s performance in the industry gave a brief talk on the “Golden Insurance” which covers the University’s faculty members, and the medical MOU mutually signed to provide the University staff with quality medical services.

Bimeh Iran’s managing director praising the Company’s performance, shortly reviewed the advantages of the “Golden Insurance” contract from a technical point of view. Mr Sahamian also told about “the Youth Gold Insurance”, “Old Age Doubled Pension” and “Lifelong Emolument”, the schemes which are currently under examination. In the end, the MOU between the two parties was mutually signed and sealed.

According to the MOU, the faculty members and students of Tehran University should be covered in terms of fire, civil liability, all-medical, life and accident, third-party, automobile body and international travel insurance. The MOU also provides Bimeh Iran’s personnel with on-the-job training certified by the University.

Bimeh Iran has already signed similar MOUs with a number of other universities such as Payame Noor and Jame University.

In the 1st National Conference on Distribution Networks Management, Bimeh Iran won Crystal Diamond Award for the second time in a row. During the conference which was attended by fraternities of production and distribution industries the related guidelines and policies were introduced and in the end, the prizes and awards were dedicated.

These awards were to appreciate production and service entities out of which, Bimeh Iran was prized as the best entity in charge of producing and distributing insurance products and services.

Bimeh Iran, holding over 200 branches and 4500 sales outlets and introducing new insurance services such as e-sales, mobile claims settlement scheme and on-the-spot fire claim settlement has captured around half of the domestic market. The company also had previously won the Golden Arch 2008 in view of its superb services.

Saturday, November 6, 2010 (Aban 15, 1389) marks the 75th year since the company’s establishment as the first national Iranian insurance company.

On that historical and unforgettable day Bimeh Iran, the true pioneer of the insurance industry in Iran commenced its activities which have since the past 75 years, won many great achievements in its national and international reputation.

Since 1935, Bimeh Iran has always been the indisputable insurance leader in the country, with overwhelming record of dedicated contribution to the nation and society. It has sustained the status as one of Islamic Republic of Iran’s top earning companies, both as commercial and insurance, even in the face of economic or other setbacks in some periods.

Payam-E-Bimeh Iran, the publishing arm of Iran Insurance Co., proudly and sincerely congratulates the company on behalf of Mr. Sahamian Moghadam, the Managing Director and Chairman, Directors, Managers and all other Personnel as well as Bimeh Iran’s local and foreign branches, agencies and business affiliates on the auspicious 75th anniversary.