Iran Insurance Information

  Iran, known historically as Persia and officially as the Islamic Republic of Iran is a country in Central Eurasia that is located on the northwestern shore of the Gulf of Oman, the southern shore of the Caspian Sea and the northeastern shore of the Persian Gulf. Historical records date some of the earliest civilizations back to the territory, some as far back as 7000 BC. Eventually, the Persian empires flourished, and their influences on Islamic culture and religion are clearly visible today. In the present day, Iran is a regional power due to its large petroleum and natural gas reserves. Tehran is the nation’s capital, as well as the cultural, industrial, commercial and political seat of power. In the past decades Iran has been mired in certain clashes with other regional neighbors as well as the US. Most recently the country, under the hard line rule of President Mahmud Ahmadi-nejad has become more controversial on the world stage with sanctions and export control placed on it by the US, UN and EU. This has not stopped the government from proceeding to develop its own nuclear program, and becoming known as a direct supporter of terrorism. That being said, however, Iran is still an interesting destination with a lot of history and influence in the Middle East. Healthcare facilities in the main urban areas, like Tehran are adequate to handle any medical concerns you may face.

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