Vehicle passengers insurance

Whereas according to paragraphs A and C of third party insurance policy law, persons like policyholder owner or driver of vehicle are not considered as responsible for accident, and wife, parents, children and grandparents under custody of policyholder or driver (the vehicle of person responsible in the accident) are not considered as third party if they are passengers in the mentioned vehicle, no indemnity is payable to these persons from third party insurance policy. In such cases, the physical and body damage could be indemnified from passenger obligations (up to passenger obligation ceiling mentioned in the insurance policy), which includes death, body defect and medical expenses. Generally, passenger obligations are presented together with third party insurance policy in an insurance card and there is no need to purchase separate insurance policy. All policyholders are recommended to purchase their acceptable and desired obligations regarding the nature of passenger obligations and compensable damages so that at the insurer could compensate for heavy damages called for in the accidents..

Important Notes:

  1. In order to investigate to passenger damages, the beneficiary should be bound to notify the damages and the accident to the insurer within 45 days.
  2. Passenger damage should begin from the moment that the injured or the deceased person enters the car until the time he has not left the car.
  3. If the injured person goes under medical treatment, his medical expenses should be payable after confirmation of trusted physician of insurance company, equivalent to the amount undertaken under insurance policy for medical expenses, namely one-tenth of death and body defect obligations.
  4. Death indemnity should be payable up to the ceiling determined in insurance policy and body defect indemnity should be payable equal to the amount mentioned in general conditions of insurance policy according to opinion of trusted physician. The maximum payment for several body defects should not exceed the amount of passenger obligation mentioned in the insurance policy.
  5. If the number of people inside the vehicle at the time of accident exceeds the capacity mentioned in the insurance policy, indemnity should be payable to insured and deceased persons proportionate to the capacity. Therefore, drivers and owners of vehicles are strongly recommended not to pick up additional persons so as to prevent from any kind of risk and loss and damage for their cars, and prevent from problems when the insurer compensates for the damages.

Documents Needed for Passenger Damage Files

  1. Initial minutes of police station and technical officer’s blueprint.
  2. Complementary reports such as: police report and opinion of justice administration official expert.
  3. Certified copy of driver’s license.
  4. Certified copy of third party insurance policy of the responsible party.
  5. Copy of car ownership document of losing party.
  6. Coupon of third party insurance policy of the responsible party.
  7. Probate and custody certificate if applicable.

(All amounts, rates and other chargeable or deductions, such as premiums, liabilities, rates, franchise amounts or time-limits, or other terms and conditions mentioned in the above article or stipulated in the policy or underwriting documents are subject to change at any time at the discretion of Bimeh Iran (Iran Insurance Co.) and the reader is recommended to contact the Company for refreshed and current facts and figures)