Different Cargo Insurance policies of Bimeh Iran insurance Co.

We can classify cargo insurance policies, based on different criteria, which include: mode of shipment, origin and destination, and policy terms and conditions.

However, cargo insurance is usually known to include international (import, export and transit) and domestic policies and laws.

If you want to export goods to Iran or import from Iran or domestic transport, Iran insurance company is your best choice.

Import Cargo Policies

Cargo policy is one of the obligatory documents for opening LC in the banks.


The policy covers the risks threatening the goods purchased from different countries of the world. The International transportation policy is issued based on one of the standard clauses A, B and C, of London Underwriters Institute.

In the international cargo policies (including import and export), the most comprehensive insurance cover is presented under Clause A (all-risk cover). This is while the policies with Clauses B, C and C plus non-delivery of a full package and total loss, have more limited covers, respectively.

export Cargo policies

The goods shipped from Iran to foreign countries, need export insurance policies based on the sale terms and conditions.

The export policies are similar to import policies, and all issues mentioned for import policies are also applicable for export policies.

We are ready to cover Transit policies and so international cargo policies (policies that not related to Iran).

Transit Cargo policies

The origin and destination of some shipments are outside the borders of Islamic Republic of Iran and Iran is only located on the route of the shipment.

A transit insurance policy is issued for these types of shipments.

Domestic Cargo Insurance

According to the applicable laws, the Iranian forwarding companies and institutes are bound to deliver the consignments assigned to them by owners of the goods for shipment to their concerned destinations in good and proper conditions, and they shall compensate damages in case they occur.


But in case the liability insurance of the forwarding agents is not sufficient or if the forwarding company is not in default, you can provide cargo insurance to cover these damages. Domestic cargo insurances follow the country’s internal rules and regulations and they can cover a wide range of risks, based on an agreement signed between Iran Insurance Company and the owners of the goods.