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As the owner or occupier of a building, you may find yourself subject to a public liability insurance claim and it is important to know the various cover afforded to you under Buildings & Contents Insurance Policies. Whilst a large number of liability claims that are submitted cannot be proved, it is worth remembering that the cover also includes payment for the costs of defending the claim, this can often turn out to be rather expensive in it's own right.

The liability covers under Buildings & Contents Insurance tend to be part of the core wording and thus you are not charged any additional premium for their inclusion. In some cases you may be able to increase the limit of indemnity if you feel it is required.

When calculating your premium, your insurers, unless you have told them; otherwise, are of the opinion that your property is used for residential purposes only. If you are running a business at the property and someone becomes injured, whether it is a member of the public or your staff, it is highly unlikely that your claim will be paid.