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Civil Liability Insurance of Managers and Technical Officials of Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers

Civil liability of technical officials in hospitals, clinics and medical centers is the second insurance plan of Bimeh Iran after Physicians Liability insurance, which has been presented to provide insurance coverage for physicians of the country in all embracing manners.

The object of technical and civil liability insurance is compensating for physical damages to physicians, their beneficiaries and other third parties in the hospital, resulting from the physician’s responsibility according to the description of duties approved by the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. Lawsuits against medical centers caused by inefficiency and defects of medical equipment, technical devices, installations, improper nutrition in medical treatment, surgery and hospitalization period of patients that result in bodily harm or physical handicaps of patients and third parties such as visitors, are under coverage of this insurance.

The scope of obligations (liabilities) of insurance has been considered according to the country’s regulations and without limits in insurance policy. The technical staff of hospitals, clinics and medical centers of the country may complete a questionnaire and pay the accrued insurance premium for obtaining insurance policy from Bimeh Iran (Iran Insurance Co.).