Liability Insurance of Physicians

Physician liability insurance was founded and introduced for the first time by Bimeh Iran in the year 1986 to provide insurance coverage for physicians throughout Iran. The object of physicians’ liability insurance is compensation for physical damages sustained by patients due to negligence or ignorance of the physician during work. Physician liability insurance has been provided based on civil liability laws and regulations of the State Medical Council. In additional to physician occupational responsibility, this insurance covers responsibility of assistants, nurses and technicians who work under the supervision of the physician. All claims by patients or their beneficiaries against physicians are valid for three years after expiry of the insurance policy on the condition that surgical operation or medical treatment is made available during the validity of the insurance policy.
Due to prevalence of the State current regulations (particularly the laws pertaining to blood money) in investigation of lawsuits brought up against physicians, the scope of insurance coverage of insurance policy should be in conformity with the above regulations.
According to the type of specialization, physicians have been classified in numerous groups and the scope of obligations mentioned in the insurance policy and the amount of the premium has been determined and specified proportionately for each group. The discounts granted for no-indemnity have been mentioned in the tariff table of the relevant insurance policy