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Occupational Liability Insurance for Designers, Adjusters and Surveyors Construction Engineers

In order to provide occupational support for designing engineers and building supervisors who are members of the engineering councils of the provinces and who have obtained business license from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and signature code from Municipality, Bimeh Iran (Iran Insurance Co.) has provided and introduced Engineers Occupational Liability insurance policy.

Based on this insurance policy, occupational responsibility of above mentioned persons in relation with designing, calculation and supervision on construction, shall be covered according to the Insurance and Responsibility Regulations, Construction Engineering Act, Municipality law and relevant executive bylaws, for building owners, third parties, (including neighbors and passerby) and executive staff of construction project.
Insurance Liabilities for physical body damages should be according to legal blood money decided for each person; and for financial loss according to request of designing engineers, surveyors and supervisors.
Duration of insurance for each construction license begins from the date of issue of license (including the period for implementation of construction operations and afterwards).