Race Horses Insurance Plan

In the Iranian culture, the horse has a special standing and importance and the owners of this noble animal try to take care of him with utmost care and precision. With due regard to the increase in physical body injuries of horses during sport competitions, events, exercises, accidents at the place of horse stables and clubs and also the risk of disease, insurance has a great importance in compensating for injuries and related expenses. Bimeh Iran has presented “Race Horses Insurance” for the first time in Iran in order to compensate for the damages mentioned above and to insure the race horses and their owners.

Under this plan, loss or physical injuries sustained by the race horses during sport events, transportation, etc. are insured by the company. The value of the race horses will be determined by experts of Bimeh Iran upon declaration of policyholder according to valuation criteria (race, body physics, race field/race course, health, fertility power and breed). Clubs and owners of race horses may refer to the nearest branch of the company or to the representative of Iran Insurance Co. throughout the country in order to obtain the mentioned insurance coverage. Clubs applying for insurance policy of more than 20 horses may enjoy the group discount on insurance premium.