Third Party Liability insurance ( TPL) for Iran

We cover TPL for projects in liability and so in Engineering all risk insurance in Iran.

In liability insurance, we offer service just for person in Iran, not for properties.

If you need cover for properties of third party or for your project in Iran, we’ll issue Engineering All-risk insurance for your company.

Definition of TPL (Third Party Liability)

When you sign insurance contract, you’re forming a legal relationship with your insurance provider.

In this relationship, you’re the ‘first party’ and the insurer is the ‘second party’. The ‘third party’ is someone who doesn’t have any involvement with creating this contract, but could be affected by it. This is usually a member of the public who can make a claim against you.

Who could be third party?

In the case of business insurance, the third party could be a customer, a client, a supplier, or just someone who comes into contact with your business on your premises or in the street. If they’re injured or their property is damaged by your business, they could claim compensation from you.