Refinery Insurance Iran

The growing demand for energy throughout the world has created unprecedented opportunities for refineries and energy producers.

But with significant growth comes significant exposure to risk and loss. As energy risk and insurance experts, we keep a close eye on the refinery industry and we have been able to guide our clients through the most treacherous financial waters.

When it comes to refinery risk protection, the primary areas of concern are:

  - Property damage to the facility

  - Worker’s compensation issues

  - Company vehicle insurance protection

  •   - Adherence to environmental regulations

  • Iran refinery insurance

In the refinery business, employee and property insurance coverage is critical. We will do a comprehensive risk assessment of your operations and evaluate your current coverage to see if it meets your needs. Not only will we bring your coverage more in line with your company’s real risk needs, but we will continually evaluate your insurance needs and make certain that the proper coverage is always in place.

With the growth in demand comes the physical growth in refineries. When your refinery experiences physical growth, that means interaction with construction companies and more exposure to government regulation. If your risk assessment policies are not in line with your company’s growing needs, then you could be facing significant financial losses.

When we are your risk and insurance partner, we will not let your growth become a liability. We will maintain the proper levels of risk assessment at all times.

When you work with this Insurance intermediary, you are working with a group that designs programs specifically for YOU the insured.