Group Health Insurance for Iran :

Group Health Insurance is one of the insurance packages offered by "BIMEH IRAN INSURANCE Co. " in order to compensate and indemnify medical expenditures and accidental losses for group of people/employees over 50 persons.

Insurance policy can be issued for company's and institution's employees and their dependents (Including: spouse, children and supported parents they trust) provided that the policyholder has already insured their staff (i.e., the "Insured") by one of the known primary insurance companies (Such as: social security insurance, governmental service insurance or similar).
Indemnity package / Scope of coverage:


Hospitalization coverage (Hospital Inpatient):

1-1) Medical Therapy and Surgery costs due to disease or accident, Heart Angiography, E S . W . L. of kidney (Electra shock wave lithotripsy) ."Hospitalization Indemnity Limit" (Hereafter referred as "H.I.L. ") payments vary  from minimum 5,000,000 Rials up to Maximum 50,000,000
Rials per year depending on the treaty type and the selected insurance package scheme.

1-2) Delivery Costs (Both Normal one or Cesarean Section) up to maximum 40% of the "Hospitalization Indemnity Limit" (H.I.L.) based on the selected insurance policy & scheme.

Coverage for Para-clinic and Outpatient costs:

 2-1) Sonography, Mammography, M.R.I., Various types of Scans & CT Scan, Radiotherapy, various types of Endoscopy and Echocardiography up to maximum 10% of selected "H.I.L."

2-2) Exercise test, Electromyography (EMG), Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV), Electroencephalogpy ( EEG) and Eye Angiography up to maximum 5% of the "H.I.L."

2-3) Bone fractures, Casting, Circumcision, Suturing, Cryotherapy, Excision of Lipoma and Cyst and Laser therapy up to maximum 5% of the "H.I.L."
Coverage for costs of ophthalmologic refractive defects provided that eyesight poorness degree of each eye is at least 4 or more diopter with confirmation of Bimeh Iran insurance trustee physician prior to operation payable up to maximum Rials 1,500,000 for each eye.

Coverage for special surgeries such as: Neurosurgeries (excluding vertebrate spinal surgery), heart surgery and kidney & bone marrow transplantation will be indemnified up to maximum double amount of the "H. I. L."

Coverage for transportation of the patient by Ambulance to hospital in emergency situations will be compensated up to Max. Rials 300,000 for intramural & Rials 600,000 intercity per year.

Abroad hospital payments of those insured patients who will be dispatched out of the country due to inadequate or lack of medical facilities in Iran will be indemnified according to terms and conditions mentioned in the relevant insurance policy with prior confirmation of the Iisurer.

Note: The Maximum age of an Insured body in groups below 1,000 persons will be Max. 60 years old. Otherwise, following scheme will be implemented additionally to the Insurance premium by the Insurer for ages over 60:
    1- For ages between 61 to 69 years old (Including 69): additional 50% will be charged to Insurance premium.
    2- For ages over 70 years old: additional 100% will be charged to Insurance premium.

For welfare & convenience of our insured clients; numerous agreements & treaties 'ed between "Bimeh Iran Insurance Co. "and various Hospitals & Clinical centers in the country.