Aviation insurance

• Hull War insuranceAviation insurance Iran
• General Liability insurance
• Total Loss insurance
• Airport Equipment insurance
• Hull Franchise insurance
• Loss of License insurance (Pilots & Engineers)
• Production Liability insurance

Different Types of Aviation Insurance

  • The different types of Aviation insurance are divided into four major sections which are used for different types of light and ultra-light aircraft as noted below:

* Property insurance

* Liability insurance

* Passenger and crew accident insurance

* Loss of License of Pilots, co-Pilots and Flight Engineers

Aviation Insurance Coverage

Bimeh Iran has always been active as protector of civil air industry by providing adequate air insurance coverage. This company uses technical experiences, logical policies and capabilities and specializations of its experts to provide the insurance requirements of the policyholders by dividing air risks among the international insurance and reinsurance markets and in this way it manages to provide the necessary financial security assurance for its policyholders.
Indemnifying heavy damages at the quickest possible time and also retaining more than 80% of the portfolio of air insurance market throughout the Islamic Republic of Iran, is enough proofs of such claims.

Property Insurance

1. Aviation Insurance

Aviation Hull Insurance

Insurer’s obligation include indemnifying the damages and losses sustained by the aircraft due to the risks under insurance coverage. In this section, the expenses related to aircraft emergency landing, expenses of relief and aircraft saving, expenses of cleaning the airport runway, expenses of transportation and repair and replacement of damaged parts, according to the conditions of the policy.


Aviation Hull Deductible Insurance Policy

Whereas in some cases the franchise considered for Hull insurance policy is high, the policyholder may pay relevant insurance premium to cover the Hull insurance policy franchise based on the conditions of the Hull insurance policy.

Hull War Insurance

Whereas according to conditions of the insurance policy, damages due to war, terrorist actions and so on have been excluded, the policyholder should pay the relevant insurance premium to cover a part of a coverage that has been excluded in the Hull insurance policy.

Total Loss Insurance Policy

This means indemnifying damage according to conditions of the policy when the whole aircraft is destroyed.


2. Airport Equipment Insurance Policy

Insurance coverage of hull and all air equipment and machinery against accident and indemnifying the damages, according to the agreed value and according to the conditions of insurance policy.


3. Insurance Policy of Equipment and Spare Parts of Aviation Companies

This insurance policy covers aircraft engines, spare parts (including spare parts packages and shipped spare engines), and ground machinery used in relation with aircraft, equipment in the workshops and essential machinery for land transportation, computer equipment, simulator systems, electrical/mechanical equipment for fire protection, commercial items and foodstuff.

Liability Insurance Policy

1. Liability of Air Transport Supervisor – Coverage Includes

o    Legal Liability Insurance of Aviation Company against Passenger
Based on this insurance coverage, the insurer covers legal responsibility of physical injury due to accident (leading to death or otherwise) incurred on passengers from the time they get on the aircraft until they get off it. This includes partial injury, permanent body injury and medical expenses.

o    Legal Liability Insurance of Passenger Luggage
In this coverage, the insurer covers the damages incurred on the passengers luggage based on international conventions.

o    Legal Liability Insurance
Against Third Parties, Including Physical and Financial Liability. If as a result of collision of aircraft or falling of objects from the aircraft, any damage is incurred on third parties, and the policyholder is legally recognized liable, and pays indemnities to compensate the damages (including the expenses that competent authorities oblige the policyholder to pay) for physical injuries or due to death, accident and the damages incurred on assets, the insurer should repay such amounts to the policyholder according to the conditions of the insurance policy.

o    Legal Liability Insurance of the Goods Shipped by Aircraft
In this coverage, the insurer covers the damages incurred on the goods that are shipped by airplane according to the issued bill of lading, based on the international conventions.

o    War Liability Insurance
Based on this coverage, the insurer covers the legal responsibility of policyholder for physical and financial damages due to war and war operations, incurred on third parties.

o    General Liability Insurance
This includes paying indemnity to policyholder for all amounts that the policyholder is held liable to pay as indemnity for physical damages or loss of assets due to act and work of policyholder as transport supervisor up to the maximum liability in the insurance policy.

o    Production Liability Insurance
This includes compensating all bodily injuries, damages or financial damages that are incurred due to using, consuming or managing any type of goods or products manufactured, repaired, supplied or distributed by policyholder or his employees, which are no longer in the possession or under the control of the policyholder.


2. Land Services Liability Insurance, Compensating for Physical and Bodily Injuries


o    Air traffic control hangar.

o    Passenger and cargo transport.

o    Fuel and food supply.

o    Aviation equipment and maintenance.

o    Aircraft spare parts.

o    Firefighting and airport relief.
In this type of insurance policies the insurer undertakes to compensate for all amounts that the policyholder is legally liable to pay them as indemnity to other persons based on limit of obligations and conditions of the insurance policy.

Passenger Accidents Insurance Policy

If the policyholder applies for a less expensive insurance policy than passenger liability insurance coverage – which has extensive types in paying indemnities – he/she may purchase passenger accidents coverage. Based on this coverage, the insurer undertakes indemnifying all physical injuries incurred on passengers due to accident, which may result in death or permanent body injury as long as the passenger is in the aircraft until the time when he leaves the aircraft, according to the table of agreement with the policyholder.

Insurance Policy for Loss of License of Pilots, Co-Pilots, and Flight Engineers

This insurance policy provides indemnities for financial damages incurred on pilot, co-pilot and flight engineers in case they lose their flight certificate for a provisional period or permanently due to illness or accident and consequently lose the future advantages of their certificates