Aircraft policy section legal liability to passengers

The Underwriters will indemnify the insured in respect of all sums which the insured should become legally liable to pay, and should pay, as compensatory damages (including costs awarded against the insured) in respect of

A. Accidental physical injury (fatal or otherwise) to passengers whilst entering, on board, or alighting from the Aircraft and

B. Loss of or damages to baggage and personal articles of passengers arising out of an accident to the Aircraft Provided Always that Documentary Precautions Effect of Non Compliance Employees and other Operational crews

I) Before a passenger boards the Aircraft the insured should take such measures as are necessary to exclude or limit liability for claims under (a) and (b) above to the extent permitted by law

II) If the measures to which we referred in proviso (I) above include the issue if a passenger Ticket/Baggage check, the same should be delivered correctly completed to the passenger at a reasonable time before the passenger boards the Aircraft.

It is further noted and agreed that coverage under this section includes employees, but excluding crew members and workers' compensation act/ employer’s liability.

In the case of failure to comply with proviso (I) or (II) the limit of indemnity by the Underwriters under this section should not exceed the amount of the legal liability if any, that would have existed had the proviso been complied with.