Passenger Vessel Liability Insurance

Shipping companies involved in the transportation of passengers, vehicles and cargo are often required to charter a vessel to offer this service.


When entering into a charter party contract for the carriage of passengers and their luggage the Charterer may be exposed to a variety of risks connected with this type of trade.



For example, under a standard time charter party for RoPax vessels the Charterer remains liable towards the Owners of the vessel for, among others:


- Damage to hull arising from Charterers instructing the vessel into an unsafe port or place, cargo operations or caused by cargo itself, the supply of unsuitable   fuels and/or fuels which do not comply with the specifications and/or grades set out in the charter party;
  • - Damage to cargo resulting from loading/unloading, stowage, lashing/unlashing or other handling of cargo;
  • - Passengers on board the vessel and any claims made as a result of the carriage of passengers and other persons acting on behalf of the Charterers;
  • - Charterers’ Personnel or Crew;
  • - Payment of hire;
  • - Delays



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