Travel insurance in Iran

Travel and health insurance in IranIran is an ancient and beautiful country and lots of people make the decision to go there and explore the delights that this part of the world offers. However, there are still a number of dangers associated with traveling to Iran, and most travel agents and government agencies advise you to take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy before you go. Travel insurance contracts can differ quite a lot from one another, so it is vital that you get a contract which will provide you with the depth of coverage you may potentially need during your trip to Iran.

Travel insurance can cover a wide variety of different situations, from major medical and legal costs to travel expenses, theft, and other financial losses that occur while you are away from home. Some of the most popular types of travel insurance products include annual travel insurance, travel health insurance, and business travel insurance, all of which differ in terms of the level of coverage on offer and the amount of time the policy is in effect. Travel insurance can be purchased in two major ways, either directly from your travel agency or via a regular insurance provider.

While a large insurance company might be able to offer less expensive coverage options, for a specific trip to Iran, it may make more sense to take out a dedicated short-term contract through the same agency where you booked your vacation.

While Iran has fairly good transportation, legal, and health infrastructure compared to many other destinations, western visitors will want to make sure they are covered for medical emergencies, accidents and injuries, and the loss of property due to theft and travel. The political situation in Iran is currently volatile and somewhat unstable, so it is best to avoid any political demonstrations or gatherings. It is also a good idea to choose your destinations wisely, as some parts of Iran are much more dangerous than others. Some of the dangerous frontier areas of the country include the western border with Iraq and the eastern borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan. Most visitors to Iran consider travel insurance to be an absolute necessity, with the type and level of coverage dictated by your travel plans, your destinations, and your budget.

Important Notes

Commencement of insurance coverage coincides with the date of arrival in the Islamic Republic of Iran, as indicated in passport.
The cost of canceling this policy, given the insured is unable to embark on the trip due to his/her failure to secure the required Iranian entry visa, is Euro 2 which in other cases is Euro 3.
All claims shall be payable in the Iranian currency (Rials) or foreign currencies only in place where the accident takes place or disease emerges.
The insured shall not be indemnified against the expenses made by his/her own initiative, without securing prior agreement of Bimeh Iran.
All claims shall be notified to Bimeh Iran within 72 hours after the insured’s admission to a hospital or his/her initiative to receive medical consultation. The claims reported after the set deadline shall be considered ineffective.
Whenever assistance is needed, please inform the nearest branch of Bimeh Iran to your place of residence or the accident site in Iran, of your name, surname, policy number and date of its validity, passport number, address, phone or mobile number, a brief description of the encountered problem and the type of required relief aid or assistance.
The policies issued for multiple trips are valid for specified duration, provided each trip does not exceed 92 consecutive days.
Medical costs for the incidents caused by high-risk labor, such as construction works are excluded from this insurance coverage.
Any material loss and/or bodily damage must be reported, not later than 72 hours after the incident.

Note: In line with provisions of the supplement conditions, should the insured intend to cancel this policy, the due request must be submitted to Bimeh Iran (Iran Insurance Co.) within six months from the issuance date. Otherwise the policy shall continue to be in force and the premium un-refundable. Bimeh Iran secures your peace of mind on your trips.