Liability for exhibitor’s booths in Iran

If you or your client want to be active in Iran and want to be active in Iranian exhibitions such as Tehran Oil and Gas exhibition, You may need some policies for your Employee, Stand, … such as Property insurance , Cargo insurance, Liability insurance for employees & special policies for exhibitors  .Tehran international exhibition iran insurance


Liability insurance of exhibitors for booths in international exhibitions in Iran:

This insurance covers the legal liability of the Insured as an exhibitor arising out of the death or injury of any person (Personal injuries) or damage to property or Material damages.


Limit of liability:

Depend on your request and accepting of insurance inspectors you can choose how much cover you need to any one accident or event for personal injuries/material damages


Extension of cover:

The following risk are also insured:

– Liability for personal injuries to which the exhibitor himself has guilty

– Liability for material damages of third party caused by the exhibitor himself to property being exhibited. Payment by the Company for such material damages

– Liability for stands and goods of exhibitors to other people and goods of third party